6 Reasons Why Partnering with a Marketing Agency Makes Sense

6 Reasons Why Partnering with a Marketing Agency Makes Sense

When it comes to marketing, some companies grapple with the decision over whether to handle it internally or partner with an agency. This may seem like a difficult call, but there are numerous reasons why partnering with a marketing agency makes sense even if you do manage your marketing in-house. A marketing agency can do more than just make recommendations — they can give you additional perspective that elevates how you communicate with your audience.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why you should team with a marketing agency, and how it can help you level up your marketing for more converted leads.

It adds expertise to your team

One advantage of partnering with an agency is being able to tap into a set of experts who have assisted a wide variety of businesses in different industries. This makes for a much more versatile team able to think outside the box and apply innovative solutions that marketers within your sector may not have considered before.

An agency typically has a depth of experience helping multiple clients achieve their marketing goals. This means that any problem you may have encountered, they’ve likely faced dozens of times before. Having to solve these problems repeatedly, for a wide array of businesses, means they’ve been able to perform trial-and-error tests and determined effective best practices.

You’ll be better prepared

An agency is prepared for every contingency. Your marketing team may have weathered some tough storms in the past, but an agency has much more experience along with a deep bench of talented performers to draw from. If someone within your company hasn’t dealt with an issue you’re facing, someone else at the agency may be able to step up and backfill the role.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that organizational agility is paramount. With a marketing agency at your disposal, you’ll have the flexibility needed to tackle any kind of challenges you face head-on.

It diversifies your team’s skillset

Having the added expertise of an agency also guarantees you’ll have access to a wide range of skillsets across multiple disciplines. Whether it’s content development, digital advertising, email segmentation, or any other component of marketing, the right agency will have a diversified team of experts on hand to assist you with exactly what you need. Contrast this with handling your marketing in-house. It’s impossible to identify individual staff members who are experts in all aspects of marketing.

For example, think about social media marketing specifically. Research shows that 84% of company social media accounts are operated by the owners of those companies. But what happens if no one at your company has any experience with social media? It can lead to wasted time and effort spent pulling the wrong levers. Meanwhile, there may be a marketing agency that understands how to get the most out of your social media presence.

By broadening your team with a marketing agency, you add more skills you can apply to your overall marketing approach.

You’ll get an outside point of view

No matter how forward-thinking or talented your marketing team may be, it always helps to have an outsider’s perspective. Along with giving you expertise and experience, partnering with an agency provides you with another point of view. You can see all of your challenges and obstacles through a different lens. That means an agency may also be able to take a different approach to overcome those obstacles.

Sometimes the answer to one of your problems is only a fresh set of eyes away. Having an expert outside your organization can give you that much-needed extra opinion. This can often lead to unexpected solutions you may not have otherwise considered.

It fills in gaps in your marketing strategy

Don’t look at a great marketing agency as a replacement for your team members or as an add-on. Simply look at them as an augmentation or extension of your current organization. The right marketing agency should act as a consultant as well as a provider of supplemental skills your company may be deficient in at the moment.

The best companies are always looking for ways to improve. That’s how you differentiate between contenders and pretenders. Selecting the right marketing agency shows that you’re serious about filling any gaps in your company’s marketing strategy. You’re willing to examine your operations, amplify what’s working, and tinker with what isn’t. Anywhere there’s a weakness, the right marketing agency can complement the service you’re already offering.

The right marketing agency can act as a full-service, end-to-end partner

Of course, none of the great benefits described will be present if you don’t pick the right marketing agency for you.

The right marketing agency works with its clients from beginning to end. This can require daily communication. It could require weekly stand-up meetings for thorough, consistent progress reports. It also requires establishing benchmarks, milestones, and key performance indicators that are ambitious but realistic and attainable. You’ll want a team willing to provide you with a steady flow of detailed emails briefing you on your marketing projects.

The right marketing agency is Geary Company Advertising.

Along with possessing all the qualities described above, Geary is flexible based on your needs. If we’re required to start the day earlier or stay later to hold meetings with you, we can accommodate that. That’s what we do — and we love doing it. When we work with you, we’ll first learn everything we can about you as our partner. We’ll listen to you and work together as a team.

We’ll also get to know your customers and what makes them tick, obtaining an intimate understanding of what they like about you and what they want to see more of.

Simply put: Geary Company Advertising will pinpoint our claim on a position, place our flag firmly in the ground, and own that position. Whatever your goals, we’ll help position you and your organization as the leading brand for customers in your space.

Does this sound like the kind of partner you want to have to revolutionize your marketing performance? If interested in hearing more about how Geary can be the right marketing agency for you, contact us today!