Why 2020 May be the Best Time to Advertise

Why 2020 May be the Best Time to Advertise

Over the last few weeks, businesses have had to undergo radical changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most hard-hit aspects has been the fact that many organizations have been forced to either lower or outright cancel their marketing efforts in order to conserve money. This reduction in demand in the field of advertisement and marketing has now resulted in various advertising channels becoming cheaper. That is why the time is just ripe for you to consider investing in advertising again, especially since things are beginning to take a turn for the better.

In this article, we explore in detail how the improving pandemic situation in Las Vegas makes this the best time to advertise. We will also take a look at some of the less expensive yet effective advertising channels that you can explore for your business.

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The Path To Improvement

Things have slowly yet steadily begun to improve now. Reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal have been telling us that the rate of infection and the death rate has been on the decline. Fewer cases are being recorded with each passing day, especially in Clark County. Moreover, as of June 2, 2020, the rate of hospitalization stood at 18.54 percent, excluding deaths. This is a significant reduction from the peak value of 27.50 percent on April 10, 2020. This is definitely an optimistic turn of events. And if this path continues, then businesses can soon look forward to operating at optimum levels.

That is why it is time that you start considering investing in advertisements to attract potential customers and give a boost to your reopening.

Channels To Consider

However, the question remains as to which advertising media and channels should you look at for your business. While there are several options available at this moment, the primary caveat is to take advantage of the current lowering of prices across various platforms. This includes both traditional advertising processes as well as the more modern digital marketing techniques. When used correctly, both types can be really effective in giving your business that strategic advantage over your competitors. You will have to choose what works best for your company.

The following are the advertising channels that you can consider at this time.

1. Paid Online Display Ads

Pay Per Click and Pay Per View ads are all over the internet. With people spending most of their time connecting virtually nowadays, it is quite expected that your online display ads will garner more attention than usual. Since most of these ads rely on search engine optimization for deciding the target audience, you achieve better reach with them.

You can easily sign up with search engines like Google and Bing to start advertising your business. The set-up process is easy and takes little time as long as you have the soft copy of your ad materials ready.

2. Social Media Ads

Next on the digital marketing spectrum are the social media ads through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are not only easy to set up but are immensely effective. Chances are high that your existing and potential customer base is on already on one or multiple of these social media platforms. Then why not take advantage of that fact and boost your sales through targeted advertisements there.

Almost all of these platforms have their specific ad programs that you need to sign up for. Then you can decide on the amount that you want to pay and the ads will be curated accordingly. Social media advertisements are a relatively inexpensive way of reaching out to your customer base.

3. Good Old Billboards

That’s right, billboards are still an effective outdoor advertising medium in the present times. With their sizes and eye-catching graphics, billboards make a bold statement. When placed at spots that gather a lot of ongoing traffic, billboards attract a lot of attention and can potentially convert sales for your business. Nowadays both print and digital billboard options are available in the market. You can decide which better suits your needs according to your budget.

Another slightly expensive but powerful outdoor advertising medium is transit ad. These are ads placed on public transport vehicles like buses.

4. Newspaper and Magazines

When considering the traditional modes of advertisements, ads through newspapers and magazines can be very efficient. With most of the people in the country checking out newspapers now for the daily news, you can consider running print ads. This will definitely garner more attention than usual and what is more, they are relatively cheap.

Just as it is often said, sometimes going back to the basics is a great idea. Newspaper and magazine print ads represent the roots of advertising and you should definitely consider them right now for your business.

5. TV, Radio, and Podcasts

With most of the outdoor entertainment spots closed due to the pandemic, it is safe to assume that people are spending more time in front of their televisions. So why not consider running a TV ad? For the same amount of airing time, you will be able to get far more views now. Thus, the rate of conversion will also potentially go up.

In fact, do not limit yourself to only TV ads. Consider placing ad campaigns on the radio and in Podcasts. Contact your local radio station to find out what is the procedure and the costs of putting an ad on the air. Similarly, if there are any known Podcasters in your locality, get in touch with them to see if you can advertise through their shows. Cast your net wide while advertising and you will definitely reap the benefits soon.

Some Final Thoughts

Adversity is a part of doing business. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has tested the limits of most businesses across the globe. However, what can make you stand out from your competitors is how you handle various business aspects once things start to reopen. Your marketing and advertising strategy will have a huge impact in this area. Hence, it is important that you look at all possibilities and choose the advertising channels that best fit your business needs at this moment.

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