Case Studies


We love it when our clients win. In Las Vegas and across the  country, our creative and strategic efforts have helped them achieve measurable success. Here are a few examples.

Case Study #1: Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

The Task

Rampart Casino needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competition, who were geographically located right around the corner. The casino had been open for 16 years, and they wanted new creative and an updated message.

The Solution

The property wasn’t known for anything specific, and the players’ club message
was difficult to understand. We had to find one or more things that would help them stand out. We learned that players could redeem their points at 5X the value of their competitors. We developed a campaign that told players just how savvy they could be by playing at Rampart with the message, “My Momma Didn’t Raise No Fool”. We paired our primary message with the details, “Our Points are Worth 5X More”, and “Smart People Play with Resort Rewards”, and compared what players can earn at Rampart versus what other casinos give them. We went one step further and paired this message with day-today messages, like specific promotions.

my mama didn't raise no fool sign for rampart

The Results

Two months after the campaign was launched, Rampart beat their top competitor in overall monthly head count for the first time in their history. Prior to this, Rampart had beat competitors only on individual days.

In addition to the recent win over the competition, Rampart Casino at the JW Marriott Resort is enjoying brisk room bookings due to an aggressive online campaign generated by Geary’s digital team. In the ten months we’ve been working with Rampart, they have enjoyed a major increase in player count volume, moving from number 12 in the Las Vegas Locals market to number 4.

The campaign reaches into the critical Southern California market with specific lifestyle overlays, and has generated an almost 5-1 return on investment.

my mama didn't raise no fool billboard for rampart casino

Case Study #2: Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Task

The TCVB wanted to attract more visitors from their neighbor to the north, Memphis. Tunica was losing some market share to a slot house/dog racing track that was closer to Memphis, but had far fewer amenities.

The Solution

Geary won the account and created a multimedia campaign entitled “We Got  t”, which highlighted everything Tunica had to offer. In addition to reaching  hat market with traditional media, we recommended establishing an online presence. With that, we could not only drive awareness in segments of the market that may be falling through the cracks of traditional media, we could also harvest email addresses to further our reach with our target in the Memphis DMA.

The Results

Despite a drop in overall gaming in Mississippi, and despite the closing of the Harrah’s property in Tunica (by far, the largest revenue generating casino in Tunica), Tunica gaming overall was up 5.3% year to year, coinciding with the last six months of the year’s efforts of the We Got It campaign. Our online performance was even greater. The resulting return on the six-month online campaign outperformed even their most optimistic expectations:

tunica convention signage by geary company "we got it"

• Total Impressions: Over 18,000,000
• Clicks & Engagements: Over 115,000
• Website Traffic (in target DMA) increased by 669%, year over year
• Over 7,000 email addresses collected
• The overall campaign won Mississippi Tourism Association awards for
Tourism Promotion of the Year and Social Media Strategy of the Year
at the Mississippi Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

tunica convention "we got it" banner

Case Study #3: Santa Ana Star Casino, Albuquerque, NM

The Task

Santa Ana Star was the first casino in Albuquerque. It had opened 18 years earlier, and…well, time had kind of passed it by. We were called in to give it a little life and personality. We hit the ground running.

The Solution

As the casino had only a vague identity within the market, we needed to take them from passively forgettable to actively indispensable. To do that, we crafted a gaming-centric campaign, which included an element that was being largely ignored throughout that market. Fun. The message was a blunt force: “Certified Loosest Slots in New Mexico”, which we had verified by Casino Player and Strictly Slots magazines. Every statement we made reinforced this. The delivery of that message had to be energetic and buoyant to overcome the perception (which we had uncovered in our research) that the Star was “tired,” “sleepy” and “full of old people.”

No one is saying that anymore.

santa ana "mostest fun" digital adThe Results

In the first six months of Geary handling the Star, they enjoyed 8 of the Top 10 coin-in days in their history. We took them from 6th (last) in the market to second. In less than five years working with them, Santa Ana Star also saw 30 of their top 33 coin-in days, including their best day ever.

santa ana loosest, longest, mostest, best bet ads

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