Public Relations

“I did not have Public Relations with that woman”

Bill Clinton

prPublic relations creates solid reinforcement for traditional and digital marketing efforts in the positioning of your brand. A strategically planned and executed PR plan goes a long way in amplifying your presence in the marketplace.  Though traditional and digital advertising are “paid” exposure, public relations coverage is “earned” media, because placement is editorial.  In most cases, we recommend a combination of public relations with traditional and digital advertising. Working together, the combined clout is substantial. At Geary Company, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with public relations, any more than we do with advertising, because every business is different. We can tailor a plan to fit your needs, either on a monthly retainer basis, or we can work with you on individual projects.


When we create your plan, we thoroughly research your business, your competition, and your target audiences, or “publics.” We get together to discuss your goals, your expectations and a proposed timeline. And then, we research some more, because, as much as we possibly can, we have to become experts in your field. Along with the PR plan itself, we also create PR calendars that contain your company milestones and events, anticipating and staying at least two steps ahead whenever possible.


Again, it’s a case of research, research and more research. We actually enjoy diving in and finding the right media outlets and reporters who can best tell your story. We compile the lists, and maintain them to make sure they’re up-to-date, with a changing media landscape.


We identify and determine content that makes a good story. We define the target, and determine the best media outlets to “pitch” the story to. We send personalized pitches, and follow up with phone calls. Often, we call before we send the email pitch, or meet with a specific reporter to pitch the story. Our media relationships are built on trust. We get to know our media sources, and we cultivate those relationships over time. They trust us to not pitch them non-newsworthy stories, and waste their time. Though we can’t control editorial content, we can trust them to tell our stories fairly and honestly.


No one likes to think of a negative incident taking place, but the fact of the matter is, things happen. It’s a smart business practice to have a plan in place that will address any sort of issue that might turn into a full-blown crisis. We can give you the tools you need to clearly define the procedures and processes that need to be addressed in a potential crisis situation.


Public speaking comes naturally to some people, and absolutely terrifies others. We offer media coaching/ training sessions to new or existing spokespeople, and help them get comfortable in front of cameras and microphones. We can also help with any written or verbal communications you may need to have with members of the press.


We can put together a press conference or special event to announce a new product, a new hire, an important association or a general milestone with your business or product. We guide you in all aspects of the event, from planning and invitations to messaging and possible collaborations with other businesses or community partners.


Corporate social responsibility is vital to society, and also to the success of your business. We assist you in identifying potential community partners, and in maximizing your existing partnerships. Partnering with a deserving non-profit is a great way to grow a company’s reputation from good to great.


We offer a wide variety of general writing and editing services including material for internal communications, editorial and advertorial opportunities, brochures, handbooks, and social media. If it involves words, chances are, we can help you with it.

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