Social Media


Unfortunately, MySpace is no longer “a thing” and being social is about staying relevant

social media iconSocial media is a perfect way for a business to connect with their customers in a personalized way found nowhere else on the internet. Do we need to say more? The Geary Company offers a few different strategies that can help you to succeed and grow your business through social media.

Social Media Consulting

This is the most misunderstood online medium. Companies attempt to reach their customers by treating their social channels as they would their own personal accounts.

We know our stuff and love to share our knowledge with businesses in order to help them get a grip of their social media channels and how to use them for their benefit. We will sit down with you and your business and teach you best practices and give you ideas on how to use your social media presence efficiently and effectively.

Nobody cares about your birthday, anniversary, or your latest meal. You’re a business. Not their friend. Not yet, at least. So, give value. How? Linda Boff, Executive Director of Global Brand Marketing for GE said, “Content that tries to sell, doesn’t. Content that tries to help, does.” We help create content to share on social channels that enriches those it reaches. In short, our social strategy creates real friends and followers.

Paid Social Media Campaign Management

Paid campaigns ensure we keep clients in the primary consideration set for consumers. Through interest, behavioral and geographic targeting, we are able to deliver your brand message, specials, and promotions directly to interested consumers.

Whether it’s guiding you with your social media or taking it off your hands, we love the world of social media and it is such an effective way to market your business and really see overall success online.

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