Celebrating 50 years of creativity and growth

Celebrating 50 years of creativity and growth

Celebrating 50 years of creativity and growth

Fifty years ago on July 16, 1969, the Saturn V rocket carrying a crew of brave astronauts was launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida. On that same day, Dick Geary bravely launched Geary Company Advertising Agency. Initially specializing in advertising services for the entertainment industry, Geary Company quickly evolved into the full-service advertising agency that we are today. Below is a walk down memory lane at some of our greatest accomplishments and some of the many reasons why Geary Company is a national leader in the digital advertising industry.

Advertising services fit for a King – Since Day One!

Much like the Saturn V, Geary Company Advertising was off to a rocket start from Day One. The company was born in 1969 when Elvis’ manager approached Dick Geary to promote the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s shows in Las Vegas. Dick Geary eagerly took on the opportunity and did just a masterful job that he attracted the attention of other stars in the entertainment industry. Here are just a few of the many wonderful entertainers we have worked with over the years:

  • The Village People
  • Wayne Newton
  • The Jackson Five
  • Steve Martin
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Donna Summer

We are happy to be on call 24 hours a day!

Our hard work and fierce dedication to excellence are two of the main reasons why so many entertainers and top businesses in Nevada signed on with us. While our normal operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00, we know that marketing emergencies often arise in the evenings and on weekends. So we make it our mission to be available for new and existing customers at any hour. We have met some of our most loyal clients by responding to their urgent needs when the majority of businesses are closed. We are truly happy to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

A stellar leadership team that knows every aspect of the business

For years, Jim McKusick and John Dalrymple have channeled their creative energies and leadership skills to continually propel Geary Company to industry stardom. Since 1979, partner and CEO Jim McKusick has provided innovative direction, media strategies, and day-to-day guidance to our team of employees. Dalrymple’s entrepreneurial background and his expertise with gaming companies is a great compliment to McKusick’s strengths, and Dalrymple is fiercely dedicated to improving sales and marketing initiatives.

Together with a star-studded team of skilled employees, McKusick and Dalrymple work tirelessly to ensure that Geary Company continues to exceed our clients’ expectations. Their heavy involvement in everyday business operations shows their willingness to dive into projects and maintain an understanding of the front line operations that are the heart and soul of our business.

We are proud of our diverse customer base

While some of our competitors choose to segment their customer base, we are proud to have one of the most diverse client bases in Nevada. In fact, we now work with a host of customers outside of The Silver State. Our openness and our ability to serve a variety of clients ensures that we remain abreast of all of the top markets in the country. Here is a glimpse at some of the different industries we serve:

  • Automotive dealers
  • Entertainment providers
  • Commercial and residential real estate specialists
  • Broadcasting companies
  • Law Firms
  • Visitors bureaus
  • Destination resorts
  • Casinos and gaming organizations

Unparalleled expertise serving the needs of the casino industry

Bally Technologies, Boyd Gaming, Paragon Casino, and a host of others put their trust in Geary company every day. Our list of clients in the casino industry continues to grow as we use the latest cutting-edge advertising strategies to delight our customers. We invite you to take a look at the growing roster of casinos that we serve. From logo creation to digital signage to branding guidance, our services have helped seasoned casinos continue to thrive and industry newcomers gain traction fast

We love giving back to the Southern Nevada community

In addition to working with the variety of industries outlined above, we have become a trusted resource for many of Nevada’s most well-known non-profit organizations. We recognize that non-profits face an array of challenges, from shoestring budgets to volunteer shortages. We understand these challenges and have specialists who are devoted to fulfilling the unique needs of non-profit groups. In addition to helping local non-profits, we help community organizations achieve their goals. Whether we are donating shoes to needy children or supporting the Vegas Golden Knights, we believe in giving back to our community. 

Let us help you overcome adversity

Geary Company never shies away from adversity. In fact, we welcome a challenge with open arms. From internal transitions to external pressures, our organization has thrived in spite of leadership losses, family deaths, and two major recessions. Our battle-tested team of professionals is always focused on deepening our educational base and strengthening our talent pool across to improve our services across all industries. 

If you are currently facing a difficult situation at your company, call us here at Geary Company. Whether you need help navigating through a sluggish sales cycle or overcoming a negative reputation, we are here to help you overcome your challenges. Together with your team, we will help you thrive in the face of adversity.

Award-winning service you can trust

While we cannot say that we have experienced everything over our 50-years in business, Geary Company has stuck with our loyal clients through good times and bad. And our fierce dedication to our clients and our community does not go unnoticed. We have received awards for our innovative social media strategies and our commitment to changing the lives of children in need. All the while, we strive to provide a positive company culture for our employees through outdoor barbecues and other activities

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our exciting history and discover why we are the nation’s most trusted full-service marketing company. We look forward to serving as your single resource for all of your marketing needs!