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building brand loyalty

14 Mar How to Build Brand Loyalty

Customers are savvier and more informed than ever before, often taking the time to research products long before they make a purchase. Because of this, they’re often far down the funnel before they come in contact with your business, so it can be more difficult...

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best ways to spend your advertising dollars

09 Aug Best Ways to Spend Your Advertising Dollars

Regardless of the size of your advertising budget, the ever-changing landscape of media can make it difficult to decide where your advertising dollars should go. Newspapers and magazines, once the hallmark of advertising, have shifted from print to digital. Cable television is shifting to online,...

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Balancing Analytics and Creativity in Marketing

12 Jul Balancing Analytics and Creativity in Marketing

Marketing used to be reserved for the artistic, creative types. The ones that could connect with an audience in a personal way and target consumers that make emotionally-driven decisions, rather than purely logical ones. While marketing is still geared toward connecting with the audience, it...

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